Sunday, February 17, 1–4:30pm
Sunday, March 3, 1–4:30pm

Learn how to brew beer! In this beginner level class, we introduce you to the art and science of homebrewing in our classroom kitchen. We discuss malt, yeast, and hops, partial mash brewing, and how to avoid and troubleshoot the most common problems.


Saturday, February 23, 2–4pm

Why yes, beer DOES pair well with chocolate! In this tasting class, we will lead you through a selection of some of our favorite craft beer and artisanal chocolate pairings.

HOmEbrewing 201: SOUR BEER

Saturday, February 24 - 1–4:30pm

Pucker up! This intermediate brewing class covers the variety of processes that may go into the production of sour beer. Learn about sour mashing, long-aging sours, fruiting, and how to use lactobacillus and other microorganisms to sour beer.


Saturday, March 9 - 2–4:pm

Bitter. Floral. Citrusy. Dank. What is it that gives hops their unique characteristics. Explore the world of hops in this interactive class: sample singled-hopped beers, do hop rubbings, and learn the science of malt's best friend.

Classes include complimentary samples for attendees age 21+.
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